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ITINERARY IRRAWADDY CRUISE (14 nights / 15 days on board)




Day 1 Yangon - Mandalay

Arrive Yangon and have lunch at a local restaurant . Transfer to domestic airport and fly to Mandalay. Embark the RV Thurgau Exotic II. Welcome Cocktail and dinner on board.


Day 2 Mandalay – Amarapura

City tour by bus in Mandalay, the former Royal capital of Burma and the second biggest city as well as economical centre for central Myanmar. Visit to the much admired Mahamuni pagoda, with its famous Buddha image, covered with a 15cm thick layer of gold leaf. Continue to the Shwenandaw Kyaung monastery, a silent reminder of the ancient Royal Palace. Visit to different art workshops, such as a gold leaf workshop. Visit to a silk and cotton weaving factory and at sunset continue to Amarapura to visit the world’s longest teak bridge, built in 1849.



Day 3 Mandalay – Mingun

Continue city tour by bus in Mandalay with visit to the central market and a stone carver workshop. Cast off at lunch and sail upstream. Afternoon visit to the famous Mingun Paya, meant to be the biggest pagoda worldwide. However after the death of King Bodawphaya in 1819 the construction was halted. Admire the largest, hanging bell in the world with about 100 tones weight. In the evening traditional Burmese dance performance on board.



Day 4 Sagaing – Ava

Early morning sail downstream past Mandalay. Bus excursion to the beautiful Sagaing Hills, with its many hermitages and monasteries. Sagaing is an important religious and meditation centre. Visit to the 14th century Sun-U-Ponnya-Shin pagoda on the hill top and stop at a nunnery. Followed by excursion by horse cart to the ruin city of Ava (Inwa). Afternoon sail downstream. Lecture on board about Burmese traditions and customs.



Day 5 Yandabo – River Village

Morning walk through the picturesque village of Yandabo with its many family – runned potteries. Yandabo attained fame when the peace agreement after the first Anglo – Burmese war was signed here. Afternoon visit to a small riverside village.



Day 6 Bagan

Bagan is the former Royal historical capital and, with more than 3000 Buddhist shrines it is a major archaeological centre in South East Asia. Full day coach tour with visit to some of the most important temples and pagodas. Evening puppet show on board.



Day 7 Tan Gyi Taung – Sale

Arrive at Tan-Gyi Taung in the morning and climb the hill with local jeeps to enjoy the view. Afterwards elephant dance performance by local artists on the river shore. In the afternoon explore on foot the little town of Sale with its impressive colonial villas and the 150-year old teak monastery with magnificent wood carvings.



Day 8 Magwe

Morning sail downstream. Lecture on board. Afternoon excursion by bus to the surrounding area of Magwe with visit to the holy “Dragon Volcano” at Minbu. Continue to the famous Myat Thalon pagoda in Magwe to enjoy the sunset over the Irrawaddy river.



Day 9 Magwe – Minhla

Morning city tour by local rickshaw with visit to large local market and a blacksmith. Visit to the fortress of Minhla on foot; it was built by Italian architects to help the Burmese King to keep the British at bay from advancing their troops towards the north.



Day 10 Thayet Myo

Thayet Myo was once the border town between the Royal Burmese North and the British Colonial South. Sightseeing by horse cart around the town and market. Afternoon sail downstream. Presentation on board about exotic fruits and vegetables and traditional Burmese medicine.



Day 11 Pyay –Shwe Daung – A Kauk Taung

Morning excursion by bus to Pyay, once an important trade town on the Irrawaddy river. Visit to the local ancient library with an amazing collection of ancient art. Continue to the famous Shwesan-Daw pagoda, before heading by bus to the village of Shwe Daung, with its famous glasses – wearing Buddha statue. Sail past the famous cliffs of A Kauk Taung with amazing stone carvings.



Day 12 Myan Aung

Sail upstream in the morning. Lecture on board. Afternoon walk in the small town of Myan Aung with its many well-preserved colonial houses. Visit to the local market. Sail upstream.



Day 13 Danupyu – Ma U Bin

Excursion to Danupyu by local rickshaw with visit to a century old monastery with a beautiful botanical garden and a traditional cigar factory. Cruise through Delta. Lecture on board about Burmese culture and traditions. Late afternoon walk through the lively delta port of Ma U Bin with its fish market.


Day 14 Irrawaddy Delta – Yangon

Early morning sail to the confluence of the Irrawaddy and Yangon river, then continue through the through the Twante Canal to Yangon. City tour by bus in the former capital Yangon with visit to the splendid Shwedagon Pagoda, the city’s famous landmark, and to the Scott Market.


Day 15 Yangon

Morning second part city tour by bus in Yangon with stop at the Royal Lake and visit to an ancient church. After lunch transfer to the airport for International departure.



We reserve the right to alter this schedule.